Douglas Specials and Support

Check out some fun activities from our Douglas Specials and Support Staff!

Join the Specials Team and School Counselors Google Classrooms!

Directions for joining Google Classrooms can be found HERE. Check your email for classroom codes!

From your school counseling team:

Your school counseling team would like to let you know that they are available to support your student during our time away from each other.  Please know that you can reach out through email ( and as well as visit our Google Classroom site. We are also available to check in with your student through Google meet or by phone if needed! In our Google classroom, you can access various resources such as how to make a calm down spot at home, an interactive self-care assessment, videos on coping strategies, etc..). We’ll be adding further resources as time goes on.

Some fun and helpful videos from our Douglas staff:

Episode 2 of While the Children are Away – From Mrs. Williams
Ms. Zelasky Sings Seeds from the first graders planned informance – sing along with her!
When the kids are away, who will play? By counselor, Kelli Williams
Practice Dragon Breathing with Mrs. Williams
Ms Zelasky is sharing with us the NC Symphony concert that 4th graders were to attend as a field trip. See below for a music choice board as well!

A Music Choice Review Board from Ms. Zelasky!

Mrs. H’s PE Challenge!
This Land is Your Land with Ms. Zelasky
Brain Dance with Ms. Ridings
Mystery Ending Story with Rockin’ Rouse