Dragon Fire is Here!

Dragon Fire — Douglas Elementary’s annual no-fuss fundraiser — starts today! Dragon Fire is one of our two main fundraisers for Douglas, and it raises money for programs, equipment and other needs that benefit our children and school. 100% of the funds raised go to Douglas. No selling stuff to friends and family!

Your gift matters. Any amount you’re able to contribute makes a difference. The PTA pools these funds together to make a bigger impact than any of us can do alone. Increase your impact by asking your employer if they’ll match your donation (our tax ID is 56-1644792)!

Our goal is to raise $16,000 in the 16 school days of November. 

The $16,000 will allow PTA to fund:

  • Staff appreciation
  • Campus interior and exterior beautification
  • Teacher grants
  • Cultural arts programs
  • Portable projectors
  • Soccer goals
  • Updated furniture for the Media Center
  • Decodable texts for students

 How can I contribute? 

Thank you so much for supporting our Douglas community!

Dragonfire is Coming!

Dragonfire — Douglas Elementary PTA’s annual no-fuss fundraiser — starts November 1! Dragonfire raises money for programs, equipment and other needs that benefit our children and school. And the best part is that since Dragonfire is a nofuss fundraiser, 100% of the money raised go back to Douglas and we don’t have to sell coupon books, wrapping paper, or magazines to family and friends. Dragonfire is an easy way for the PTA to start investing in campus and classroom projects. Dragonfire is only one of two fundraisers for the entire school year.

This year, our goal is to raise $16,000 in 16 days. Your donations will go toward: Maintaining our teacher grants, ongoing staff appreciation, and landscaping plans. We are planning to add portable projectors, install soccer goals, complete an interior refresh, and purchase updated furniture for the media center and decodable texts.

Get ready to donate, Dragons!

We Need You On the PTA!

PTA membership supports vital programs at Douglas that enrich your child’s education and help our talented teachers deliver the best classroom experiences possible.

The Douglas PTA is the sole funding source for:

  • Teacher stipends and grants
  • Schoolwide projects
  • Various school clubs
  • Spelling bee
  • Mathletes
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Community garden
  • Butterfly garden

We also support the school library through the Scholastic Book Fair, fund the Cultural Arts Program, and fund our school food pantry. We pay for these programs through membership dues and fundraisers. Learn more about our programs here.

There is no volunteer requirement of PTA member — membership just shows your support and keeps you in the loop for volunteer opportunities, if interested! A family membership is only $12 per family: https://douglas.memberhub.com/store.

Thank you for your consideration!

And the Raise Craze Results Are in …

Thank you for making the spring fundraiser an overwhelming success!!

  • Our Dragons accomplished 1,018 acts of kindness in our school and local community.
  • We had 100% participation!
  • Our families and friends have paid it forward by helping us fundraise $26,279, which will support our students, teachers and staff.

This type of fundraiser was an experiment for us, and we weren’t sure what the results would be. In previous years, we held Boosterthons. While fun and high-energy, the fundraising assemblies cut into class time and focused on competing for incentives to raise money. In our current environment, it no longer seemed the best fit for our school. But it was hard to argue with Boosterthon’s success at raising money. Still, we decided to try a different approach by partnering with Raise Craze. It seemed a better fit for our Dragons by focusing on positive values and allowing students to earn recognition for the kindness they showed to others rather than asking for donations.

Compared to pre-Covid Boosterthon, although our net amount raised is lower by about $3,000, we actually raised $6.84 more per student. (We compare by student since current enrollment is 527 compared to 691 then.) Although Boosterthon raised more on the front-end, nearly 50% went to Boosterthon fees and associated costs. With Raise Craze, our costs were lowered, and their fees were 10%.

We could not have done this without you and the Douglas teachers and staff. We thank our teachers and staff for the many class projects that incorporated learning with giving back and ensuring that every student had the opportunity to participate and make an impact. And we thank you so much for your support! Thank you for your partnership as we all work together to make our school the best environment it can be for our children.

During the last months of the school year, PTA Fundraising will host Spirit Nights, a Scholastic book fair, Spring Spirit Wear sale, and the Spring Silent Auction. Stay tuned for details!

Thank you for your support!