We Need YOU!


We are nothing without our volunteers! There are a few positions to be filled as the new year begins. Please consider helping out with one of these important roles:

Reflections Program Chair
This volunteer will help the school administer the NC PTA Reflections arts program. If you’re interested or have questions, contact PTA President Jeannine Moore: douglasdragonpta@gmail.com

Hospitality Co-Chair
You’ll work with the other co-chair, Tonya Denning, to plan and produce activities throughout the year for staff and families, such as teacher appreciation and new parent events. If you’re interested or have questions, contact PTA President Jeannine Moore: douglasdragonpta@gmail.com

Yearbook Committee
If you’re interested in helping with any aspect of this year’s school yearbook, please contact Yearbook Committee Chair Viki Redding: viki@vikiredding.com.

Thank you!

You Asked, We Answered! A Handy FAQ for Douglas Families

As we start a new school year, even the most seasoned Douglas families have questions about everything from carpool to special events. Here is the first in a series of FAQ blog posts, based on an informal poll we conducted this summer.

We received so many great questions that they couldn’t all fit in one post! This first installment focuses on transportation and the school schedule. Other FAQ posts will be coming soon!

What is the bell schedule?

8:45 a.m.: First bell, school doors open
9:15 a.m.: Start of classes
3:45 p.m.: School day ends
4:15 p.m.: Final bell, all carpool/walker children must be picked up

What time does school let out on early release days?

The first bell rings at 1:15; all children in carpool should be picked up by 1:45. After-school care runs on its normal schedule, until 6 p.m.

What is the bus schedule?

Everything you need to know about bus routes is on the “Transportation” page of the school website: http://www.wcpss.net/Page/21988.

How do carpool drop-off and pick-up work?

Drop-off: The school doors open at 8:45 a.m., so cars line up along Ortega Road (toward Lambeth Drive). Once the bell rings, Safety Patrol students and school staff will help children get out of their cars in the driveway in front of the school. Children must be dropped off by 9:15. If you are running late, please park and walk your children into the front office.

Pick-up: The school day ends at 3:45. Cars line up along Ortega Road (toward Lambeth Drive) and must display carpool numbers in the front window (hanging from rearview mirror) so that staff can see them. Your children will be called and instructed to proceed to one of the colored dragon paw prints on the sidewalk immediately in front of the school entrance. Safety Patrol and school staff will help your children get into the car. Children must be picked up by 4:15.

How does before/after school care work?

Douglas provides before- and after-school care programs in house. Before-school care starts at 7 a.m., and after school care runs until 6 p.m. After-school care operates like usual (until 6 p.m.) on early-release days. Student enrollment forms, parent information sheets and payment schedules will be available at Meet the Teacher night and Open House. You can also apply for enrollment anytime during the year by contacting the school office. Here is more information from WCPSS.

How does pick-up and drop-off for appointments work?

It’s important to let your teacher know (by their preferred method of communication – it’s different for every teacher) that your child will miss class for a medical, dental or other appointment. To pick up your child, come into the front office and ask that he or she be called for dismissal. You’ll need to sign them out on the computer in the office. When you bring your child back to school, be sure to have a note from the doctor, dentist, etc., and give it to the school receptionist.

If I need to pick up my child early from school, what do I do?

If you know in advance that you will be picking up your child early from school, let your teacher know by sending a note. If it is a last-minute pick-up, come inside to the front office to sign out your child. The staff will call for your child to be dismissed.

If my child needs to go home with another child, what do I do?

Any change in departures must be written in a note for the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will send notes to the office to be copied and returned to the classroom teacher. No students are allowed to leave campus in any way other than what is set up by the parents at the beginning of the year. This includes children wanting to go home with another student. Prior notification to the classroom teacher and/or the office is required.