Programs & Spaces

We work hard to bring all sorts of unique programming into the school, from music and dance performances to health and wellness activities. And we believe that unique learning spaces foster creativity and collaboration (and fun!). Below are examples of current programs and spaces supported by the PTA.


Each year the PTA teams with the United Arts Council of Wake County to obtain a grant that allows us to bring in an Artist-in-Residence, a Writer-in-Residence and two Performing Artists. These enriching programs are provided for all grade levels.

In addition to utilizing funds from the United Arts grant, the PTA funds programs in house to support Science Night, Art Night and Literacy Night planned by the school staff each year. The PTA portion of the contribution can support anything from providing cookies and milk for story time on Literacy Night to bringing in the Mad Science program for Science Night.

The PTA also supports the School Garden program which allows students and staff to use the garden for clubs, science lessons or to simply take a nature break.

We also leverage community partnership programs that allow us to bring in organizations like the North Carolina Symphony or Artopia for further arts experiences for the children.

The PTA supports the school Health and Wellness program for the children, encouraging and showing them how to participate in community 5K races via our Run Club, as well as teaching them about healthy food choices, calming breathing techniques, yoga movements and how to have fun getting their wiggles out with a dance party!

We also participate in the N.C. PTA’s Reflections Arts Program, which encourages creativity and lifelong learning while offering recognition for artistic endeavors. The 2017-18 theme is “Within Reach,” and students can submit entries in a number of categories, from Dance Choreography to Literature. For more information, visit the Reflections website.


The Collaboration Station was funded by the PTA and is utilized for Art and Science-integrated lessons and collaborations with Multiple Intelligence Specialists. This is a space utilized all students in the school.

The School Garden is maintained by Douglas families and members of the PTA and is funded by a grant from the Whole Kids Foundation and the PTA. The garden is used by students and staff for science lessons when possible. The produce generated from our garden is used to demonstrate healthy food choices during Science Night and donated to staff and students whenever possible.

The PTA helped fund the Outdoor Music Garden and this space is utilized by all students during recess times and for specific purposes during music lessons with our music specialist, Mrs. Zelasky.

Most recently, the PTA supported updates to our Media Center and the installation of a Butterfly Garden.

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