Raise Craze Starts Today!

During this unique fundraiser, students pay it forward by completing Acts of Kindness for others. While not every child can raise money, every child CAN spread kindness.

No Pressure. No Selling. Just Kindness.

We picked this fundraiser because we believe giving back to the community helps shape the character of our students, gets everyone involved and teaches the value of gratitude. Curious how fundraising through kindness works? Check out this brief video.

In just three easy steps, your student will be all set for Raise Craze:

  • Visit my.raisecraze.com/ajr8wf4 to set up your account.
  • Select at least three Acts of Kindness on your page as the ways you will give back this Raise Craze season. Students can choose from the list or enter their own!
  • Add emails (optional). As an option, Raise Craze allows your family and friends to double your child’s impact by “paying it forward” through inspired giving. Add email addresses for friends and family who would be supportive of your kindness efforts! Don’t worry if you don’t have all the email addresses right away, you can always go back and add more later OR skip this step by leaving the fields empty and click on “Send Emails.” Emails will never be shared with third parties or used for marketing.

Our goal is to have 100% participation in completing Acts of Kindness, complete at least 500 Acts of Kindness, and raise $12,000 to pay it forward. No Act of Kindness is too small!

We’ll keep you posted on the school’s progress throughout the fundraiser, which ends April 8. In addition to your students’ individual Acts of Kindness, they’ll be participating in class service projects. Check out leaderboard updates and more on our Facebook page.

Let’s go, Dragons!

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