Principal Burns Dragon Update – May 1

We did it! Another great week of distance learning! Thank you sensational students, patient parents and terrific teachers!

Our staff reviewed last week’s survey results and brought a focus to our distance learning. We are dedicated to easy navigation, virtual interactions and providing meaningful feedback. The positive comments were shared, appreciated. and celebrated. The areas of improvement that were noted have been discussed and plans have been made to mitigate them. Specific concerns were addressed by the administration team. I appreciate your support as we continue to provide the best educational experience for students and families we can during this time.

Monday, May the 4th (feel free to show me the FORCE), from 9-11, the last of our hotspots and chromebooks will be distributed. Please let your teacher know if you plan to pick one up.

Be safe and stay home.

Principal Burns

New Updates to Our ‘Digital Dragons’ Resources for Online Learning

Hello Douglas families! We hope that you are settling into online learning. We know this is a challenging time for many families — please give yourself, your kids, and your teachers some grace. We will all find a routine that works for our families soon. Please provide feedback to your teachers and Mr. Burns about what is working well and what may need to be adjusted to better serve families.

Meanwhile, we have updated the Digital Dragons section of the website with some more helpful videos about accessing online resources. Additionally, jump here for an update from our counseling staff.

Hang in there Dragons, you got this!

Principal Burns Dragon Update – April 12

Douglas Families, So it begins! Tomorrow will be the start of distance learning for our Dragons. We recognize this may invoke a variety of emotions and feelings, as this is new for all of us. I have directed my staff to be supportive, understanding and flexible in meeting both the needs of the students and the adults assisting them in this journey. Some days may be better than others. We just ask to do your best and we will do our best. I believe good communication will be crucial during this time. Please reach out to your teacher or me with questions, for guidance or support.

We will be reviewing distance learning at DES at the end of the week and make any necessary adjustments. Your feedback is welcome.

 I have no doubt the Douglas School Community will not only survive, but thrive during this endeavor. I know we are all creative, adaptive and fueled by grit. 

Be Safe, Be Smart.
Principal Burns

Familias de la Escuela Douglas,

Ahora comenzamos! Mañana será el comienzo de la Educación a Distancia para nuestros Dragones. Reconocemos que esto va a iniciar una variedad de emociones y sentimientos, ya que esto es nuevo para nosotros también. He instruido a mis maestros para que apoyen, comprendan y sean flexibles con todos los estudiantes y adultos que ayudaran en esta etapa. Algunos días van a ser mejores que otros. Solo le pedimos que hagan lo mejor y nosotros también lo haremos. Creo que la buena comunicación será crucial durante este tiempo. Por favor comuníquese con la maestra (o) de su estudiante si tiene preguntas para guía o apoyo.

Estaremos revisando el Aprendizaje a distancia en DES al final de a la semana y haremos los ajustes necesarios. Sus reacciones son bienvenidas.

No tengo ninguna duda que la comunidad de la Escuela Douglas no solo sobrevira, si no también prosperara en este nuevo esfuerzo. Se que todos somos creativos, nos adaptamos y estamos llenos de empuje.

Cuídense y sean inteligentes,

Director Burns